“…beautifully written and had me sobbing.”

(Alex Preston, Observer, Books to Look Out for in 2019)

Slack Tide - a novel by Elanor Dymott

‘By midsummer the thing between us was finished, and it was as if a storm had torn the roof from over me.’

It is four years since the loss of a child broke her marriage, and Elizabeth is fiercely protective of her independence. She meets Robert – exuberant, generous, apparently care-free – and they fall in love with breath-taking speed.

Slack-Tide tracks the ebbs and flows of the affair: passionate, coercive, intensely sexual. When you’ve known lasting love and lost it, what price will you pay to find it again?


“When two people meet is it need, fantasy or love? Slack-Tide takes us on an urgent journey and kept me reading late into the night.”

Esther Freud

“A compelling and beautiful reflection on the stories that hold us together and keep us apart.”

Sarah Moss

“Elanor Dymott charts the troublesome map of human desire through her deliberate navigation of a passionate love affair. Slack-Tide is hypnotically compelling. It asks how you can ever get the measure of your own needs, let alone the needs of another, and how difficult it is to mesh your life with theirs. Her lovers are experienced, flawed, damaged and demanding, but she won’t let them be fooled or floored by emotion. The lessons they learn are hard ones. Dymott shows that what you want is not always what you need. That the price exacted by finding yourself can be having to let another go.”
Marina Benjamin

“I finished Slack-Tide last night after a rather heady, intense few days of reading. I enjoyed it immensely – the pared-back style; the precise delineation of the characters’ emotional landscapes; the parry and thrust of two people negotiating a new relationship; the challenges of doing so when both are carrying the baggage of their past failures and disappointments. Elanor writes with such lucidity and precision. I found her characters, setting and premise very real and involving, and the dynamic between Elizabeth and Robert convincingly and satisfyingly complex.”
Laura Barnett

Slack-Tide is about a love that arrives unbidden in the wake of a tragedy. It is beautifully written and had me sobbing.”

Alex Preston, Observer, **Books to Look Out for in 2019**

17 January 2019
Jonathan Cape

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