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Elanor Dymott is the author of three novels, Every Contact Leaves A Trace, Silver and Salt and Slack-Tide. Her novels are published by Jonathan Cape in the UK, W.W. Norton in the US, and in translation. Her short stories are published in Stand, the Warwick Review and Algebra, and anthologised in Xo Orpheus (Penguin USA) and Novel of the World (Mondadori).

She lives in London, where she is a Desk Editor at the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales, and teaches writing.

photo: Lucy Pope

Every Contact Leaves A Trace - hardback

Every Contact Leaves A Trace

Longlisted for the 2013 Authors’ Club Best First Novel Award



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Silver and Salt

“I loved and admired Silver and Salt. It manages to be both very clever and entirely absorbing. I return to the settings in my mind long after finishing the book, and find myself thinking about the characters as if they were people I knew, while also respecting Elanor Dymott’s way with a sentence.”

Sarah Moss


“Elegant and atmospheric, Silver and Salt is written with a calm lucidity that is both seductive and unnerving. You start to feel that anything could be revealed in that sharp Greek sunlight, and then it is.”

Adam Foulds



Slack-Tide takes us on an urgent journey and kept me reading late into the night.”

Esther Freud



Sophie Ratcliffe, Telegraph*****


“It is beautifully written and had me sobbing.”

Alex Preston, Observer


“Dymott’s slim little novel packs a very precise punch.”

Zoë Apostolides, Financial Times