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Elanor, famous French author
Elanor was born in Chingola, Zambia, in 1973.  She was educated in the USA and England and also spent parts of her childhood in South East Asia. After studying English at Oxford University, she qualified as a lawyer before becoming a law reporter. Her short fiction has been published in Stand, The Warwick Review and Algebra. Every Contact Leaves A Trace is her first novel, and was longlisted for The Authors’ Club Best First Novel Award.

‘Dymott’s voice is wonderfully unique.’ The Times

Read an interview with Elanor on The British Library’s ‘Inspired By’ blog, in which she talks about writing at The British Library and her new novel, pocket-paradise (forthcoming with Jonathan Cape and W W Norton in 2016.)

Listen to Elanor introducing Every Contact Leaves A Trace to an audience at Blackwell’s, Broad Street, Oxford, in October 2013, and reading an extract from it.

Read about her Book of A Lifetime, Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5, in The Independent; her recent e-reads in Metro; and her five-minute memoir of a chance encounter at Gurnard’s Head, in The Independent.

On the UK publication of Every Contact Leaves A Trace, Untitled Books asked her some questions about the way she wrote it, James Purdon in The Observer kicked off the reviews, and she spoke with Jon Snow about ‘The Truth, the Whole Truth, or a Version of the Truth.’ Every Contact Leaves A Trace was The Mail on Sunday’s You Magazine Reading Group Book of the Month for April 2013. Read Elanor’s ‘Author’s View’ and their ‘Book Notes’, ‘About the Author’ and ‘Discussion Points’ here.

The Pen & Muse interviewed her ahead of the US publication of Every Contact, and when it was out stateside Maureen Corrigan reviewed it on NPR and Zola Books interviewed her. Largehearted Boy in Brooklyn published her Book Notes about the music she worked with while writing it.

Florence Dollé’s photograph of Elanor was taken in Villefranche-sur-Mer, on the first evening of a research trip for Elanor’s next novel.